More details have emerged about the tragic incident at the New Dorp train station on Staten Island early Sunday morning. Yesterday we learned the identity of the drunk man rescued by Good Samaritan Steven Santiago—he is Jonathan Parisen, an independent filmmaker who was the first to make a dramatized film about 9/11. (Called Stairwell: Trapped in the World Trade Center, it was released in 2002 to mixed reception.) Now more details have emerged about how Parisen ended up down on the tracks, and how Santiago wound up in extremely critical condition after saving him.

There are conflicting witness accounts of what made Parisen climb down on the tracks—a source tells the Staten Island Advance that two versions of why he was down on the tracks have emerged: "One that he had gone down to retrieve a fallen shoe, another that he took a drunken dive onto the tracks as a lark. Parisen suffered two broken ribs and a spine injury, the source said, and it's not clear if the injuries stemmed from a fall or from being jostled as he was pulled up."

Santiago, whom family members say was trying to turn his life around after a drug-related prison stint, reportedly helped Parisen clamber up to the platform. But Santiago became winded, and was on the platform bending over to catch his breath when the Tottenville-bound train barreled into the station, hitting him in the head. (The Advance's source say he may also have been intoxicated.) Sources tell the Post that Parisen and a buddy were partying at the Night Gallery bar at 36 New Dorp Plaza before "stumbling" to the train station at around 1:30 a.m.

Parisen and Santiago are both still hospitalized at Staten Island University Hospital, though Santiago's condition is far more severe. His sister tells the Post, "He’s still the same. He’s not out of the woods. We’re just taking it day by day right now." Yesterday it was reported that Parisen faced charges of trespassing and reckless endangerment, but now law enforcement sources say prosecutors will not pursue the reckless endangerment charges. He is expected to be arraigned in Stapleton Criminal Court today on the trespassing charge.