Rafael Casiano, the off-duty housing officer who crashed his car last week, seriously injuring his partner, and then blew a (legal) .032 on a breathalyzer test nine hours later, has been forced by a judge to hand over his driver's license.

According to Judge Megan Tallmer, Casiano's license should have been confiscated after he flipped his car on the Bronx River Parkway. But then again, he probably should have had his blood alcohol level checked promptly, too. Better later than never.

Casiano and his partner, Keith Paul, got into the accident early last Friday morning after a raging Christmas party in their lower Manhattan precinct. The crash was so bad that Paul was put into a medically induced coma. Casiano, meanwhile, did not take a Breathalyzer until he'd gotten back home nine hours later—by that time, his blood alcohol was around 0.032. Not only has his license been suspended pending drunk driving and vehicular assault charges, he has also been suspended from his job.