2006_05_fdrcrash.jpgAn SUV flipped on the FDR, crashing into another car and taxi, on Saturday morning, killing one of the SUV's passengers who happened to be the cousin of the driver. Herman Thomas was charged with DWI and vehicular homicide - and it turns out he only had a NY State learner's permit - for the accident that happened near East 76th Street; his 15 year old cousin, Kenneth Myrick, died. Police think that Thomas had been driving around 75 MPH. According to witnesses, the SUV hit a guardrail, then flipped into another car and taxi. The SUV landed on top of the taxi, then its tires caught fire, causing both vehicles to explode. A total of eight people were injured. The taxi driver, Vafoumba Dosso who had neck and back injuries, told the Daily News, "If he didn't drink this would have never happened. The innocent people are the ones who lose their life because of people drinking." However, Thomas's family insist he wasn't drinking.