As part of the harsh DWI laws going into effect on August 15th, even first-time offenders will be forced to outfit their cars with breathalyzer boxes. The small boxes will have an air nozzle to test the driver's breath, and will lock the ignition if any alcohol is detected on their breath. Drivers also must continue to blow into the nozzle as they're driving, just in case they decide to take some shots to relax the nerves.

And lest you think anyone attempting to drive intoxicated won't get enough attention from the privacy of their front seat, the cars will be wired to flip out if the driver blows anything over a .25. The horn will begin honking and the speakers will emit a high-pitched shriek that will become louder and louder until the driver stops the car. Because if there's anything that will make a drunk driver steer calmly, it's loud noises.

The boxes will also have to be installed in family cars of DWI offenders, meaning the spouses or kids of the drunk drivers will have to submit to the same tests. The devices will also cost the driver $100 to install, and up to $110 a month for a minimum of six months for upkeep. That at least ensures they'll have no money left for booze!