2007_04_baby.jpgA drunk driver hit a livery van on Queens Boulevard early Sunday morning, killing a van passenger - a 28-year-old new mother. The van was carrying a family (six adults and three children; the van did not have seat belts) who had been celebrating in Brooklyn. Paula Serrano was killed, and she had been holding her 3-week-old baby in her lap (the baby was not seriously injured). Serrano's husband and 6-year-old daughter, as well as other relatives, had minor injuries. The crash occurred blocks from their Sunnyside home.

Nineteen-year-old Qadir Ahmad of Long Island was charged with vehicular manslaughter, but the strange thing is that he actually approached a news camera and, WABC 7 puts it, "tried to assign blame to yet another vehicle." The Post adds that Ahmad just stood across the street and didn't try to help the family.

And regarding the drunk driver who fled his car during a Cross Bronx Expressway crash that killed his passenger, a neighbor tells the News that Glenn Salera turned to drink only after his best friend was killed by a drunk driver.