2006_12_ericng.jpgLast night, an NYU graduate bicycling on the West Side Highway's bike path was killed by a drunk driver. Police say that 27 year old Eugenio Cidron turned onto the bike path after attending a party at Chelsea Piers after 9:30PM. According to the Daily News, Cidron's white BMW hit 22 year old Eric Ng so hard that his "bicycle and one of his black Converse All Stars flew onto the adjacent West Side Highway." The accident was near Clarkson Street; if Cidron was initially parked near Chelsea Piers, that means he was on the bike path for more than a mile!

The police told the Daily News, "This [driver] wasn't supposed to be here in the first place. He was drunk, and he was really going." Cidron remained at the scene and was arrested when he failed a sobriety test. Another thing - how are people still drinking and driving?

Ng was a New York City Teaching Fellow and was teaching in Brooklyn (photo from his MySpace page). During the summer, Henry Nacht was killed by an NYPD tow truck while biking on the West Side Highway bike path; in the fall, Joshua Crouch was killed while crossing the West Side Highway at night.