Last week, a drunk driver - whose license was suspended since 2003 - sped through a red light, hit two cars and injured six people, including a 12 year old boy walking to school. Now it turns out driver Jiankai Huang was not only drunk and driving without a license but he was "slapping his 18 year old female companion" - who was sitting the backseat. The companion was seriously injured in the accident, and the Brooklyn DA will be using a new vehicular assault charge for the first time.

"Vehicular Assault in the First Degree" can be charged when two or more people are seriously injured in a vehicular accident involving an intoxicated drive. Huang's victims include his passenger, a 25 year old woman in another car whose pelvis was crushed and the 12 year old year old boy Jackie Kuang who has two broken arms and two broken legs. Kuang suffered a lacerated kidney, which was removed, and his right foot was severed and could not be reattached.

Huang, who was driving his sister's car because his own car was crashed from another drunken incident, faces up to 7 years in jail. The Brooklyn DA expects to add more charges.