Early yesterday morning, the Q65 bus was hit by a Nissan Maxima whose driver ran a red light at Booth Memorial Avenue and 164th Street in Flushing. According to the MTA, the "Maxima was heading east on Booth Memorial Avenue and entered the intersection through a red light. The Maxima struck the left front corner of the bus." And from the looks of the pictures and TV footage, it was a crazy crash. The Maxima and bus ended up off the road, "knocking down a traffic signal pole."

The police arrested the Maxima's driver, 25-year-old David Cho, for drunk driving. Anthony DeRobertis, who lives near the intersection, told the NY Times, “It sounded like an explosion. I ran to my bay window. I saw the bus and car in the position they’re in right now.” DeRobertis went outside and tried to wake up Cho; Cho and his two passengers were all bleeding. A driver on the road told the Daily News, "I was two bus lengths behind the bus, and I saw the black vehicle coming out of nowhere. We had the green light. I couldn't estimate the car's speed, but it was not your average 30 [mph]."

There were fifteen people on the bus, including the driver; two passengers were treated on the scene and others were taken to hospitals with non-critical injuries. Cho and his two passengers were also treated at hospitals; one of the passengers, Tung Ma, is in critical condition at New York Hospital.