Whoa-- apparently we weren't the only ones that had a bit too much to drink last night. At 3:31am, we got the first tip that something was going on uptown: "There was just a huge bar fight/riot outside of The West End at Columbia University. 20+ cop cars, a paddy wagon, 2 ambulances. Anyone know what happened?" Indeed, we do know-- the crowd got wild at the West End just after 3am, so the owners cleared the bar. Of course, this put a couple of hundred boozy students out on Broadway in front of the bar, where they promptly began smashing windows, and total pandemonium erupted as far south as 113th Street. Broadway was briefly closed before the police rolled up with 50 officers and restored order. The Spectator is saying that "10 to 20" arrests were made-- but that seems to include combatants in an earlier bar fight on Amsterdam.

Nice going, kids! Way to show Morningside Heights the proper respect. Do any of our Columbia tipsters have video or pix from the riot? And what about you, Bwog? Did you see what went down?

Pictures from the Spectator by John Davvison-- good coverage, Spec!