A Hawaiian Airlines flight bound for New York City turned back and returned to Honolulu Tuesday after an intoxicated passenger allegedly threatened to kill numerous people on board, including crewmembers, his girlfriend, and her children. According to an FBI affidavit, James August allegedly struck a flight attendant's shoulder and began making death threats when she tried to intervene.

Another passenger on Hawaiian Airlines Flight 50 told the FBI August had been drinking before the flight took off, the AP notes. Once on board, August reportedly continued drinking and became increasingly unruly. (He reportedly snuck his own booze onto the flight.)

A crying 11-year-old boy on the flight begged a flight attendant to keep August away, the FBI affidavit notes. August's girlfriend and her three children refused to stay in their seats near him; one of the children, a 16-year-old boy, reportedly told a flight attendant August called his mother a derogatory word, insulted the entire family, and made death threats. When the attendant tried to move August to another part of the plane cabin, he slapped her shoulder with the back of his hand, and then threatened to punch his girlfriend, the FBI alleges.

Other passengers on the flight restrained August, and a Hawaiian Airlines spokeswoman confirmed to the AP the flight was rerouted back to Honolulu two and a half hours into its scheduled ten hour trip.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Tom Brady told the AP a federal judge permitted August to enter a Honolulu halfway house under certain conditions, and is not permitted to contact his girlfriend or her children.