This morning the body of 29-year-old drummer Troy Young (of the band Curious Mishap) was found dead, with a bullet wound in his head, inside of his Carroll Gardens apartment. NY1 reports that police are currently investigating the shooting death. They only discovered the body this morning, after receiving a missing persons report.

Young was found in his 4th Street basement apartment just after midnight, where his front door was open. A neighbor told the network, "I see him every day. He says hello, he's always happy, smiling, see him at deli, he has coffee, egg sandwiches. He always asks me, ‘how you doing on the project?’" Another neighbor told the Post, "I saw him on Tuesday, and everything was good. He was laughing. He’s a very quiet guy. He’d have some people over sometimes on Fridays or Saturdays, one or two, not a lot. He was a no problem guy."

At this time no arrests have been made.