There's more information about the mysterious deaths of Mellie Carballo and Maria Pesantez, the two 18 year old women who were found unconscious at a Lower East Side apartment and later died. The girls' families say they were not drug addicts, but friends and the two men who were last with the girls say they had been using drugs. The police think uncut heroin or cocaine may have led to overdoses. One of the men, Roberto Martinez, told the Daily News that he only met the girls when Alfredo Morales called him to come to the apartment because the women were having seizures. The NY Times has an extensive article about the conflicting thoughts from family and friends about the deaths and how the women met the older men (at Ludlow Street Bar, Dark Room). The ME's office is still working on toxicology tests.

A man overdosed in his Avenue B apartment, making police wonder if bad heroin is the cause of all three deaths. And Carballo is being remembered at Last Night's Party.