Following the death of 32-year-old actress Brittany Murphy, the LAPD is now investigating if drugs had anything to do with her cardiac arrest, saying the investigation is open until toxicology reports are available. Other noteworthy tidbits from the rags: in her final interview she admitted to being "too skinny;" she had a will leaving her estate to her mother; husband Simon Monjack is totally sketchy (the Post says "he's the dubious, debt-riddled dude widely known as 'Conjack'"!). Foul play isn't suspected, but TMZ has a frighteningly long list of prescription meds found on her nightstand, and a forensic pathologist told the Post, "I bet you that this young lady tragically died in the same way that Michael Jackson did, and Anna Nicole Smith, and her son, Daniel Smith, and Heath Ledger — a combination of drugs."