One of the first thing that came to Gothamist's mind when we first heard about the subway bag searches was "what does this mean for all those subway hopping drug dealers?" Apparently we weren't the only ones wondering, as New York Magazine's Intelligencer tackles the question this week (in short: the searches suck for them and some, especially coke runners, are adding a 'cab tax' in response).

Speaking of cocaine, the white stuff just won't leave the news these days. First it turns out that those heroin OD's were probably related to a coke/herion combo, then one of the men with the two dead co-eds was arrested for sharing his coke with them (like they taught us in elementary school: sharing is trafficking), and finally the DEA announces a big bust on a Colombian drug lord, Felipe "Hoover" Salazar, who smuggled his wares inside construction equipment. Salazar should be extradited to stand trail in New York in eight to 18 months.

And one last thing about that rash of overdoses: seems the guy found in the port-o-potty on Pier 54, Charles Sicker, may have robbed a Commerce Bank on 5th Avenue the night before he died. And that is this week in drugs (excluding this weeks celebrity drug stories), did we forget anything?

Photograph from Stopaddiction.com