There are many clever places to hide the kilos of cocaine you are attempting to smuggle into the United States. These places include (but are not limited to): goat meat, a jacuzzi, a can of Total Control hair mousse, and a pair of snazzy duct-tape diapers. Last week, a rather unimaginative alleged drug-smuggler was caught at John F. Kennedy airport with 9 pounds of cocaine stashed in his suitcase, but we can at least pretend the bust was exciting by envisioning the cute K9 doggies that eventually sniffed out the drugs.

U. S. Customs & Border Protection officials say that Elkan Barak Durham was arrested at JFK on July 15th after a K9 dog named Ari alerted to something suspicious in his suitcase. Upon further inspection, authorities found about 9 pounds of cocaine in his luggage, worth approximately $151,000.

Authorities say that Durham, a U.S. citizen, was traveling into the country from Port of Spain in Trinidad and Tobago. He has been arrested and slapped with charges related to narcotics smuggling.