So you've got 600 pounds of marijuana in the back of a rental truck. You are taking the drugs, which are worth an estimated $1 million on the street, from New York back home to New Jersey. You can take the tunnel or the lovely George Washington Bridge. Since the bridge is such a looker the choice is obvs, right? You choose the GWB. At least that's what 23-year-old Shawn Chance did early yesterday morning. The only problem was that Mr. Chance wasn't very lucky yesterday, or at least didn't have his reading glasses on. Though trucks are required to go on the upper level he instead drove on the lower one. When cops pulled him over they found 11 crates stuffed with sweet mary jane, making it the biggest bust at a Port Authority crossing this year.

The moral of the story? If you going to smuggle drugs across state lines the least you can do is respect the rules of the road.

Photograph of the GWB from Charley Socci's flickr stream.