Christopher Coke, a drug kingpin who appreciates coke and weed as well as a nice wig, has pleaded guilty to charges of racketeering conspiracy. The deal means Coke could spend up to 23 years in prison.

In court yesterday, Coke admitted that he distributed over three tons of pot and over 30 pounds of cocaine. He also said he approved the stabbing of a pot dealer in New York. Coke decided to cop a plea deal mere weeks before a trial was set to start because of new evidence that was going to be introduced that would've implicated him in at least five murders in Jamaica. If that trial had gone on, Coke could have faced life in prison.

The end of Coke's life as a free man concludes a wild journey that began with a month-long, bloody manhunt for him in Jamaica. His organization, known as the "Shower Posse" (perhaps a nod to his flowing locks?) and the "Presidential Click" were reportedly more well armed than the police. There were even reports that unarmed people were executed by investigators who were trying to find Coke.

Lawyers for Coke said that he hasn't been impacted by his time behind bars so far, explaining, "Let’s just say he’s one of the last tough guys." We can only assume they didn't see the mug shot.