Eduard Sorin, a drug dealer who refused to break the Jewish Sabbath to sell heroin, cocaine, and oxycodone, was sentenced to five years in prison yesterday. The Sheepshead Bay resident was arrested on April 20th (salt in the wound) of last year.

Sorin and his gang didn't sling on the Sabbath, telling customers through text that: "“We are closing 7:30 on the dot and we will reopen saturday 8:15 so if u need anything you have 45mins to get what you want." Closing on the dot and lighting those Sabbath candles.

Sorin's arrest was part of an NYPD operation in Sheepshead Bay that was known as " “Only After Sundown." The crew was found with 23,000 pills of oxycodone and a sawed-off shotgun. Sorin was arrested with four other men.

On March 29, Eduard Sorin reportedly wrote in a text to a customer that "He said he can't do that but he can give you an 8 for 275 but its only gonna be tomorrow because he is closed for Shabbat. And the safe is locked." Shomer fucking shabbos. That safe can only be opened for emergencies or with the help of a Shabbat Goy, according to Yahweh.

After Sorin's serves his time in prison, he will be supervised for another five years.