Here we go: Sources tell the Daily News that a drug dealer told the police he was shot by Sean Bell during a turf war last summer. Apparently the dealer was arrested on Sunday, and a source said, "He hoped to cut a deal somehow with this information, but so far his account seems credible."

The dealer had been shot by a rival drug dealer in Queens, but he wasn't able to identify him. But when Bell's photograph was shown after he was killed in November, the dealer says he recognized him as his shooter. It remains to be seen how credible this person is, but it's certainly a hot potato of information, given the heated emotions the Bell shooting prompts.

Police critics have been prepared for Bell's character to be dragged through the mud during the upcoming trial. A lawyer representing Bell's family, Sanford Rubenstein, said, "What relevance does it have to what happened that night? None. Does that justify what happened? Absolutely not." Still, defense lawyers think this could help paint a certain picture of Bell in potential jurors' minds. That will be some voir dire during the jury selection.