2006_12_helmspark.jpgWe've heard of hotel staffs doing anything for their guests, but providing them with drugs and guns goes a bit too far. The Post revels in news that some employees at the Helmsley Park Lane hotel on Central Park South were arrested for selling six guns and half a pound in cocaine to undercover police officers, because that means they can run unflattering photos of the Queen of Mean.

Police found out about the drug and gun sales from other hotel employees. The cops first got to know night manager Diogenes Pena on one "trip," and then two months later, they visited again and bought five bags of coke, delivered by a room service workers Luis Quinones.

Over the next two months, detectives bought more cocaine in Park Lane rooms and a second-floor bathroom, and even heard Peña telephoning his supplier and ordering him to "bring the doughnuts now."

On Aug. 7, an undercover officer upped the ante and asked for guns, a request Peña allegedly fulfilled. During that transaction, Peña said his partner was waiting downstairs, which allowed cops to get a glimpse of Cesar Victorino, 34, his alleged cocaine distributor.

After two more buys, one of which yielded four guns and more drugs, police swooped in on Peña and Quinones and arrested them at work. Victorino was later arrested outside his Inwood home, police sources said.

The Post reports that Pena is held on $150,000 bail, Victorino made $250,000, and Quinones pleaded guilty and is serving a 2 1/2 jail sentence. And the Queen of Mean, through spokesman Howard Rubenstein, was shocked and worked with the police.

Three years ago, Leona Helmsley took the witness stand when a Park Lane employee claimed she fired him because he's gay (at the time, Newsday wrote about how the tabloids LOVED the story: "The words 'gay' and 'sex' are an orgasmic combination for Post editors on any given day.")