A drug bust in Queens on Wednesday netted cops and drug enforcement agents $2 million worth of cocaine cleverly concealed in individually-wrapped Mini Bum candy wrappers.

According to a press release from the city's Special Narcotics Prosecutor's office, New York Drug Enforcement Task Force (DETF) Group "T-41" agents found the cocaine in the possession of one Juan Pablo Martinez, 47, while conducting surveillance in Jackson Heights as part of an unspecified drug investigation. Martinez was allegedly carrying some of the cocaine with him in a "weighted black backpack" when he left a house at 3226 82nd Street. Agents followed him as he rode a bicycle to a gas station at 76-11 Northern Blvd, where he approached a grey Acura MDX.

Prosecutors say the agents saw Martinez putting the backpack into the backseat of the Acura and then pump gas for the car. Investigators then stopped him and identified themselves, at which point Martinez showed them a wrapped piece of candy. Further inspection revealed the candy wrapper was full of cocaine. Cops say there were two bags full of the wrapped cocaine, and they arrested Martinez.

An inspection of Martinez's apartment allegedly yielded more candy-wrapped cocaine, along with a kilogram of powdered cocaine, a kilo press, drug ledgers and $12,000 cash. Officials estimate the cocaine, which totaled about five kilos, was worth about $2 million on the black market.

Martinez was charged with several counts of illegal possession of a control substance.