Raymond Roth, the 47-year-old Long Island man who allegedly faked his own drowning in order to collect on a life insurance policy, has been taken into police custody. The arrest came after Roth reportedly spent the last ten days in the South Nassau Communities Hospital in Oceanside, where his attorney said he had been held for observation. Roth's son, 22-year-old Jonathan Roth, was arrested in connection with the alleged scheme last week and is already out on bail.

The older Roth is expected to face fraud and conspiracy charges when he heads into court later today. Quick refresher on the case: On July 28th Jonathan Roth reported that his father had gone out for a swim at Jones Beach and never came back, triggering a massive search. Except it seems that Roth hadn't gone out for a swim. He'd just headed down to Florida, where the recently fired telecommunications manager had a time share. He was discovered, however, both by his wife (now filing for a divorce) and by the police. His wife figured it out by finding open e-mails on her step-son's computer, and the police figured it out when Roth was pulled over for speeding in Santee, South Carolina.

According to Roth's lawyer, he will plead not guilty, claiming that he suffers from bipolar disorder and "was on a cocktail of medications at the time of the disappearance, causing him to behave erratically."

Meanwhile, Raymond Roth's son's lawyer says that his client was physically and emotionally forced into taking part in the scheme. "This is about three things: coercion, abuse and . . . manipulation," the lawyer said earlier this week.