Orange by lily_bart on Flickr

We've got an odd mix of tropical and winter weather visiting the city this week. The tropical is the warm and humid air mass that is upon us. Highs will be in the low to mid 60s today and tomorrow and possibly into the upper 60s on Friday. More tropical feeling will be morning lows in the mid 50s, which is more like the normal high for early November.

The winter weather is a wannabe nor'easter that is moving up the East Coast. There's no cold air supporting the storm so it's kind of a loser as nor'easters go, but it will bring a couple days of rain to the Big Apple. Rain or drizzle is likely later this afternoon through tonight. The rain-drizzle mix will probably hang on through tomorrow and possibly through Saturday.

Change you can believe in arrives when a cold front moves through late on Saturday. The front should push the tropical air back where it belongs and replace it with cooler, drier, more seasonable air mass.