it will be chilly soonImportant things first: Shea Stadium will see a bit of rain and wind this evening. Not ideal weather for baseball, but they should be able to get the game in. Yankee Stadium will also see a bit of wind and rain, but it doesn't really matter.

The rain won't be limited to the baseball stadia. We can expect off-and-on drizzle and showers through Friday morning. The greatest chance of rain will be late tonight. With a bunch of clouds and rain around there won't be much temperature change until tomorrow night. Tomorrow night, though, temperatures are going to drop like a rock. It looks like it will be in the lower-40s when we wake up Friday morning as all those purples and blues on the temperature map move our way.

This textbook fall weather, featuring large temperature swings as storms become more intense and cold fronts more frequently pass through the city, will soon give way to winter. The Climate Prediction Center released their winter weather outlook yesterday. What forecasters often look for when making a seasonal outlook are surface temperature anomalies that will affect the atmosphere's circulation over a few weeks or months. What they're seeing this year is a weak El Niño, or warming of the eastern Pacific, that is expected to last throughout the winter. The outlook calls for a slight chance winter (December through February) will be warmer than normal and will have near-normal precipitation. Gothamist needs to check our copy of the Old Farmer's Almanac to see how the two compare!

Tomorrow's low temperature forecast map from the National Digital Forecast Database.