Hey, Brooklyn: If you're planning to get out of town on this long Veteran's Day Weekend, better do it fast—and think about taking Monday off, too—because there are all sorts of traffic nightmares awaiting you in the next 55 hours.

The Department of Transportation has announced that the southbound FDR Drive ramp onto the Brooklyn Bridge will be closed this weekend from 11 p.m. tonight until 6 a.m. Monday. The Bridge itself will be open, but good luck getting there. The DOT has set up a few detours for your frustration convenience:

"Motorists may exit the FDR Drive southbound at the Manhattan Civic Center/Pace University off-ramp (Exit 2), turn left at Pearl Street and right to access the ramp onto the Brooklyn Bridge. Drivers may also continue southbound on the FDR Drive to Exit 1 South Street, make a U-turn at the Whitehall/Staten Island Ferry terminal, and return to the northbound FDR Drive to Exit 2, the Brooklyn-bound ramp onto the Brooklyn Bridge.

In addition, the Pearl Street off-ramp will be closed to Manhattan-bound traffic during this full-weekend closure. Motorists entering Manhattan from the bridge can exit the Brooklyn Bridge at Centre Street to continue uptown. For downtown access, drivers can exit the Brooklyn Bridge at Park Row South."

The ramp is being closed for construction work that's part of the Brooklyn Bridge rehabilitation project. Other travel possibilities include taking the Manhattan or Williamsburg Bridges into Brooklyn, hovercrafting across the river, or drinking yourself blind to cope with the fact that your weekend plans are screwed.