2008_08_fhcrash.jpgIt turns out that the driver of a Mercedes Benz had barreled through a red light on the Grand Central Parkway yesterday when it hit the Acura, killing the Acura's two passengers. And further, the driver did not have a license and had been smoking marijuana.

Newsday reports that Kim Ki, 55, and Hyek Young Kim, 53, were killed immediately "as the force of the impact split their Acura in half." (The Acura is described as being catapulted into a light pole.) Seventeen-year-old Jacob Chubalashvili admitted to the police he had been smoking pot and was charged with manslaughter, driving without a license, and unauthorized use of a vehicle. Additional charges may be added after drug testing.

Apparently Chubalashvili stole the car's keys from a family friend tasked to watch him--his mother explained to the Daily News, "His behavior has been bad since eighth grade, and since then it's been getting worse and worse," adding her son refused to take anti-psychotic medication. A witness at Grand Central Parkway and 69th Street told the News, the Acura "actually crumpled like foil paper. It split in two." And another resident, speaking to WABC 7, said the intersection was dangerous, "Basically it's like a war zone here... Accidents every week, sometimes several times a day."

Hyek Young Kim was a supervisor at ACS and the couple had a daughter at Yale. Their neighbor said, "It's a tragic accident. I hope they didn't suffer."