Adam Tang (a.k.a. Afroduck), the driver who released a video last year claiming he had set the record for the fastest loop around Manhattan, has been found guilty of reckless endangerment and reckless driving. Tang, 31, was a no-show in court during the final day of the trial. He was convicted by the jury in absentia, and is currently a fugitive.

"The city’s roadways are not a racetrack," said District Attorney Vance. "Adam Tang showed blatant disregard for our traffic laws, and this dangerous and illegal behavior—which he repeatedly flaunted online - placed lives at risk. His daredevil antics were rightly found to be reckless by a jury of his peers, and I would like to thank them for their service on this case.”

Tang drove from the FDR Drive around to the Henry Hudson Parkway and back in 24:07. In the time since his arrest, he lost his license and passport, allegedly bragged about his driving feats, and uploaded a video of cops recreating his Manhattan loop (with a time of 47:13).

The NY Times contacted Tang about the verdict, and while he wouldn't say where he was, he claimed he didn't go to court because he expected to be found guilty. "It was a lost cause, so why bother fight against something that is rigged?" he wrote. Tang had previously been offered a deal of six months in jail in return for pleading guilty to the misdemeanor charge, which he declined. He now faces up to a year in jail for reckless endangerment (plus 30 days for reckless driving).

"I don’t admire what he did [speeding around Manhattan]," juror Anthony Feliciano told the Post. "He has [driving] skills but he doesn’t impress me, it’s foolish. He got lucky that he didn’t get hurt."