In April, a Volkswagen Jetta careened off the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge and crashed into Queens storefronts. Passenger Beatriz Rodriguez died from her injuries while driver Alexander Palacio's arm was amputated. Now Palacio, who was charged with unlicensed driving, is suing the city.

According to the Post, Palacio's lawsuit "[accuses] the city of negligence for altering the exit ramp to create space for pedestrians and bicyclists." Palacio's crash came a week after another car crashed from the same exit and into the same storefronts—injuring the driver and killing a pedestrian. Then, a month later, another car flew off the ramp, crashing into a parked car.

Palacio's lawsuit is not the only one going around—the two damaged stores may file a lawsuit, too. The stores' lawyer told the Post that "Palacio may also be named in the lawsuit because cops believe he was speeding and driving without a license." Earlier this year, the stores' lawyer Scott Agulnick said, "Clearly, after that first accident, the powers that be should have realized that there was a fundamental problem with how the traffic is handled. The fact that there was a second accident confirms what everyone has been saying, which is that this intersection is something of a death trap."