A Staten Island couple isn't too thrilled with a city bus driver after he did the bare minimum to help their son following the 14-year-old boy being suckerpunched in the face. Anthony Paramithis, a freshman SI Technical High School, had just gotten onto the S78 bus when another teen clocked him from behind. An onlooker asked the assailant why he hit the smaller Paramithis and he replied, "Because I felt like it." When the driver learned what happened to the bloody-mouthed teen, he replied, "There's nothing I can do about that," and then let the attacker off at the next stop, a quarter-mile from the nearest precinct. The Fort Wadsworth boy's father told the SI Advance, "He left my son bleeding to death, and then he lets everyone off the bus so they can run?" But the MTA says the driver acted properly, notifying his command center and not getting involved in the altercation. Paramithis has his jaw wired shut for the next three weeks and can only eat "protein shakes, soup and anything else that will fit between his teeth." His parents told WCBS that his 14-year-old attacker confessed after being picked up yesterday by cops.