The 13-year-old twin boys whose parents were killed in a hit-and-run on Staten Island this weekend will be moving into their new home with their nearby aunt and uncle, unable to attend their parents' funeral in Cairo. The News photographed Omar and Kareem Elnahal holding whittled off the pieces of wood from their parents' coffins a day after they had learned of the deaths. Relatives first told the boys only that there had been an accident, then that their parents were in a coma before finally breaking the tragic news to them. Meanwhile Theodore Ricks, the 24-year-old driver with a four-times revoked and 17-times suspended license is being held without bail. He told cops that the late livery cab driver and his wife should have been wearing seat belts. His lawyer denies that his client fled the scene, claiming he was trapped by an airbag and then led to the victims' bodies as cops yelled at him, "This is what you did!" Donations for Omar and Kareem can be sent to Al Ihsan Mosque, 406 St. Marks Place, Staten Island, N.Y. 10301.