A driver who killed one motorcyclist and severely injured another in 2008 while he was on PCP agreed to an extremely favorable plea bargain that would have him serve just two to six years in prison. DNAinfo reports that 34-year-old Adam Greenberg pled guilty to aggravated vehicular manslaughter, vehicular assault, and DWI in exchange for the sentence, which was light because police in an impound lot destroyed his Volkswagen Jetta before his defense team could analyze the vehicle for mechanical issues. "Your conduct in terms of the outcome was not intentional, but your acts were really outrageously reckless," the judge told Greenberg at his sentencing yesterday.

Prosecutors initially wanted a sentence three to nine years, but the judge assured Greenberg that he'd receive a lower sentence for his plea. The Post reports that Greenberg received a new license from the DMV four days after he killed Dimitrios Kazanas and injured Gary Quinlin on South and Whitehall Streets. Authorities eventually realized the error and seized Greenberg's license. "My life has changed forever," Quinlin said at the sentencing, "[Greenberg] has shown no remorse for his actions, the victims or their families."