A driver in Long Island was killed on Thursday after a loose tire smashed into the passenger side window of their sedan, sending the vehicle spinning into a median, authorities said. Now, police are struggling to explain the cause of the freak accident, and are asking the public for help in finding the "origin of these tires."

The incident happened Thursday afternoon in the westbound lanes of the Sunrise Highway in West Babylon. Initially, local authorities said that the tire had come loose from a tractor trailer believed to be traveling on NY 231, which crosses above the highway, according to ABC 13.

But NBC News reports that cops "said late Thursday they weren't sure where the tire came from—and that there may have been more than one." They also said that the flying tire hit a second vehicle: a Chevy SUV with two passengers inside.

The driver of the SUV, Mary DiFranco-Garone, told NBC that the tire "came from the other side of the highway, and it bounced, hit [the Saturn driver], he hit the wall to avoid him coming back, I swerved, and the tire hit me."

"I saw debris flying and I saw the tire fly over on the car and it was like, I thought the tire was going to hit us," added the SUV's passenger to ABC.

Police have not yet revealed how many people were in the first car struck by the tire, or the identity of the person who was killed.

Detectives are asking anyone with information on the crash to call the First Squad at 631-854-8152.