The enraged driver whose appalling mile-long rampage through the Bronx Sunday left one father dead could be arraigned as early as today on multiple charges, including manslaughter, reckless endangerment, assault and child endangerment. NYPD spokesman Paul Browne tells the Times, "I know of no incident in which a motorist crashed into so many cars over so long a distance on city streets. It’s rare by any measure."

Mark St. Pierre, a 36-year-old electronics store worker with a rap sheet featuring 15 prior arrests and convictions on assault and drug charges, allegedly crashed into seven cars and injured at least nine people during the high-speed incident, ultimately killing one: Miguel Colon, 36, who was walking his 6-year-old son Sebastian back to his ex-wife's Baychester home after a bike riding lesson. Colon was able to push Sebastian out of the way before St. Pierre killed him in his 2008 Infiniti sedan; he then kept driving, hitting five more cars and only stopping when, according to one witness, "His car was all smashed up. And he could not go further."

Police say the 1.37-mile rampage started when St. Pierre assaulted his former companion in the parking lot of a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant, after an argument sparked by his attempt to take their 3-year-old daughter away from a party. He hit two cars while leaving the parking lot, and sped off down East Gun Hill Road, allegedly blowing through red lights with a sickening disregard for life. Another witness recounted to the Times, "You couldn’t tell what kind of car it was. He was going so fast."

Colon, a cell phone store clerk, had recently remarried and was saving up for the honeymoon. His distraught sister, Kisha Colon, tells the Daily News, "When I heard they got the guy [St. Pierre], it meant nothing to me. I want to ask him, 'How can you do this?' He has no soul. He took a precious life and ruined many others." Colon's stepfather, Rafael Cruz, says, "That man does not care about others' lives. There is no punishment enough."