Early Saturday morning, a driver lost control of his car on the Grand Central Parkway, killing two passengers and injuring another. Police say that Manosh Hansraj, 20, who was charged with manslaughter, felony assault and criminally negligent homicide, was speeding and now sources say he was going 120 mph.

One of the survivors told the Post, "I started praying, ‘God, don’t let me die tonight.'" The Post reports, "Shiv Totaran, 19, [braced] himself in the front passenger seat as the car hit a guardrail and spun out of control, ejecting and killing the teen parents of an infant girl, who were in the back seat." The crash was intense—WCBS 2 notes, "The car ended up in the wrong direction on the parkway. The entire front end of the Honda Civic was sheared off [and ended up 100 feet away], and the engine wound up on one side of the parkway and a tire on the other - with the main body of the car in the middle of the road." And Hansraj was able to walk away.

The couple killed, Anil Persaud, 18, and Meera Dukharan, 17, had a 14-month-old baby. A third passenger, a 17-year-old male, remains in the hospital with injuries from scraping the road's floor. They and other friends had piled into Hansraj's car, after they had been drinking at a pool hall in Richmond Hill. Hansraj, whose blood alcohol was .072, just below the .08 limit, was "sobbing" during his arraignment and is being held on $250,000 bail.

Hansraj's lawyer told the Post, "This was a tragic, tragic accident. Mashod is very sorrowful."