The driver arrested for DWI after a fatal Staten Island drag race was arraigned and then released on $2000 bail. Korey Swatz, 33, had a blood alcohol of 0.10, above the 0.08 legal limit, after the crash that took 20-year-old Philip Boney-Scrivano's life. Witnesses say that Boney-Scrivano and Swatz were driving at over 100 mph in Tompkinsville when Boney-Scrivano jumped the curb at Bay Street and crashed into the Citgo gas station; his body was thrown from the car and reportedly "ripped apart" when it hit a utility pole.

According to the Daily News, Boney-Scrivano had only bought his Honda Accord last week for his birthday: "At a treacherous bend locals call 'Dead Man's Curve' near Hannah St., Boney-Scrivano lost control of the Honda. It skidded wildly for more than 100 feet before hopping a curb, police said." NY1 has video of the car hitting a gas pump at the Citgo. His passenger, Jean Aleman, 25, somehow made it out of the crash alive. Described as Swatz's brother-in-law, Aleman denied they were drag racing and said, "I feel bad for the guy's family."

Swatz's relatives claim he just met Boney-Scrivano at the On the Rocks bar. Boney-Scrivano was, the Staten Island Advance reports, "was a student at the College of Staten Island, and worked during the summer as a counselor at Camp Lindenmere in the Poconos, where he taught hockey and baseball."