The Post reports that a woman riding her bike last night was hit twice by the same driver on Lafayette Street, near Canal. Sunday night, around 10PM, a car hit a cyclist, and then, "[w]hen the driver realized she hit somebody, she backed up and accidentally ran over the woman again," according to the Post's police sources. The cyclist is in critical condition.

Please be careful when you're riding your bike. Yes, the weather is gorgeous, perfect for enjoying bike rides, but your safety is important. (Gothamist watched a father with a small child on the back of his bike get hit by a car yesterday morning on Riverside Drive - luckily no one was seriously hurt.) Even though you may the right of way, many drivers ignore that, so you need to be defensive. Wear your helmets and reflective jackets, as well as make sure your bikes have headlights and taillights if you ride during the dark.

More bike safety tips from the NYC Department of Transportation, plus the DOT's Bike information site. The Safe Cyclist illustration at right (click to enlarge) is from the NYC's new map of cycling and skating routes.