Yesterday, a woman driving in Midwood plunged 50 feet into a construction site's pit after she "lost control of her blue Toyota Highlander shortly after 10 a.m.," according to the Daily News. And it seems like she was making a U-turn and hit a cyclist right before—so when she started driving into the pit, he was still on the hood!

The incident occurred on Coney Island Avenue near Avenue K; a witness told NBC New York that after clipping the cyclist, "She went between two parked cars, hit the sidewalk, hit the fence, hit the barricade and flew 30 feet down. She crashed headfirst in the car, then [the car] flipped... and she walked out alive." Another person believes the driver panicked and "instead of hitting the brakes, she hit the floor."

Another witness told Sheepshead Bites, "I was just over there as it happened. I was passing by on a motorcycle let and saw a dude I know sitting in the road so pulled over. He was on a bicycle riding toward coney island as a lady was pulling out of a hydrant spot into a u-turn and hit him. He said she hit the gas instead of the brake as it happened, with him on the hood of the car. He got thrown off and she continued, hitting a couple more cars and then broke through a construction zone where she plummeted down a 3-story hole landing the car upside down. She crawled out of the wreck and got taken away in an ambulance, in shock but uninjured. He had a back injury and got taken away by ambulance."

The woman, 49, was rescued from the scene and the car was lifted out of the pit. She was taken to the hospital; she and the cyclist both had non-life-threatening injuries. Oh, and no charges were filed.