An update about the Tuesday-night incident where a reckless 19-year-old driver hit a bicyclist in Staten Island: The Staten Island Advance reports that Leon Wilson was high on painkillers while driving. And his past driving experience was so terrible that his learner's permit had been revoked in January. Yet somehow, he was behind the wheel of a rental car on Tuesday night, crashing into 47-year-old Juan-Han Guan, who had been biking home.

Guan, who was pinned between Wilson's car and a Jeep, had his left leg amputated; his right leg may be saved. Wilson was charged with reckless endangerment, reckless driving, unauthorized use of a vehicle and possession of marijuana. Here's Wilson's driving history, from the Advance:

The teen-ager's driving record runs to two pages. It includes three car stops on Staten Island, and 12 suspensions for either failing to pay a fine or failing to answer a summons.

On March 27, 2005, Wilson was pulled over for going 75 mph in a 45-mph zone and driving without a license. On Feb. 15, 2006, he was ticketed for driving without a seat belt, insurance or a license.

And last August, he was pulled over again for driving without a license.

The state revoked his learner's permit on Jan. 24.

And that doesn't include two drug-possession charges. Wilson allegedly told the police he "took a bunch of his mother's Vicodin" before driving at speeds up to 100 MPH and that he couldn't believe he hit Guan. It's unclear who rented the rental car or how Wilson got access to the car.

Some incidents where unlicensed drivers or drivers with suspended licenses have hurt or killed people: Unlicensed driver fatally hits teenager biking in Brooklyn a few weeks ago; suspended-license driver fatally strikes father on his way to take his baby to see Santa Claus last November; two pre-Christmas incidents where drivers with suspended licenses fatally hit people; drunk driver whose license was revoked injures six in Brooklyn (the foot of an 11-year-old walking to school was severed) in January.