Last year, a pregnant mother of three walking on East 37th Street was killed when a Gristede's van driver jumped a curb and barreled into her. Another woman was injured and the driver, Keston Brown, was found with a 0.11 blood alcohol level. Yesterday, Brown went on trial for Ramos' death, and a prosecutor accused him of hitting the gas instead of the brakes when the van—"essentially a moving weapon"—hit the curb.

ADA Shannon Lucey said that victim Ysemny Ramos was looking forward to celebrating her anniversary as well as her new pregnancy, the day she was killed, "A baby-sitter was arranged for, a restaurant had been decided on." Lucey also noted that Brown, besides allegedly being drunk from drinking four beers and a shot, was distracted because his co-worker had been yelling catcalls at Ramos and her friend.

Brown's lawyer, who previously said the van had mechanical problems, said his client was only trying to slow down. Brown faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted of vehicular homicide.