2008_12_santr.jpgYesterday afternoon, a garbage truck driver was killed when his runaway truck pinned him to another car. The Daily News reports that Thomas Guzzardo had "left the Chambers Papers Fibers truck idling on Lexington Ave. in Bedford-Stuyvesant as he collected boxes around 1:30p.m." The car started to move and rolled down the street, hitting parked cars. Guzzardo tried to climb back in, but was instead crushed against another car. One person whose car was hit told the Post, "It was horrible. I have a lot of empathy for the guy who died. That takes precedence over any damage to anyone's car." The News also notes that Chambers Papers Fibers "became an anti-mob champion" when it worked with the Manhattan DA's office to sniff out the Mafia from the garbage industry back in the 1990s.