Local tabloids have been bemoaning the supposedly dangerous conditions on the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, where construction work has tossed cyclists and pedestrians into congested pathways. And now comes more fuel for the fire, with reports that a man was dragged over the Brooklyn Bridge by some psychopathic cyclist motorist. When will DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan come to her senses and ban cars from the East River bridges?

Police sources tell ABC 7 the incident started just after midnight yesterday when the suspect, who remains at large, rear-ended the victim on the bridge. Obviously, this is not an ideal place to get into a fender-bender, nor is it the best spot to get out of your car for a discussion. Yet this is what victim Arturo Gomez, 26, reportedly did, emerging from his Chevy Suburban to confront the driver of a black sedan and take photographs.

When the suspect realized he was being photographed, he allegedly sped off, with Gomez clinging to the car. The Daily News reports that Gomez was dragged 300 feet before the driver shook him loose. Luckily, he survived with just some cuts and bruises, and he's listed in stable condition at Bellevue.