A driver was arrested yesterday evening after jumping the curb and slamming into the front of a restaurant on the Upper West Side in an attempt to get away from police.

Cops say they first pulled over the driver of the 2010 Mercedes, 27-year-old Lewis Espinal, for running a red light at 64th Street and Amsterdam Avenue. After he stopped, they started to question him about what appeared to be drugs ("visible pills") in the vehicle, and he took off.

A short time later, they saw the car parked on 68th and Columbus; when the officers pulled up behind him and approached on foot, Espinal drove off again. This time, he struck a yellow cab: "It was so fast—it hit the bikes over here, and then it ended up hitting the taxicab," witness Samir Cherrat told CBS. The driver apparently abandoned his car while still in gear in the midst of this; the vehicle then jumped the curb, and knocked down a pole holding up the front of Il Violino restaurant.

Cops caught up to the driver on 69th Street and arrested him. He's been charged with reckless endangerment, leaving the scene of an accident with an injury (the taxi driver suffered minor injuries), fleeing an officer in a motor vehicle, criminal possession of a weapon, criminal possession of a controlled substance, false impersonation, and traffic device violation.