Yesterday, a jury found a man guilty of manslaughter, assault and operating a motor vehicle while under the influence for fatally striking a pregnant woman on a Midtown sidewalk in March 2009. Ysemny Ramos was walking on East 37th Street when she was run over by Keston Brown. Brown was acquitted of aggravated vehicular homicide and five other charges, but his lawyer said, "You always want a complete victory. My client is still in there."

Ramos, 29, who was supposed to celebrate her wedding anniversary that very night, was walking with an office mate when Brown accelerated into her. Not only was Brown's passenger yelling cat calls at her right before the incident, Brown had also just had four beers and a shot—a blood alcohol of 0.11, over the 0.08 legal limit. Brown's defense was claiming that the van had mechanical problems and that he was trying to slow down.

Manhattan DA Cy Vance said, "Today’s verdict for the very serious crime of manslaughter sends a clear message: No one should get behind the wheel of a car after drinking or taking drugs, and those who do will pay the price. But it is only a small measure of justice for the children who were robbed of their mother, for the husband who lost his pregnant wife on their wedding anniversary, and for the surviving victim who will be reminded of this incident every day of her," adding, "That this devastating crash could have been prevented makes this case infuriating, not tragic."