More details have emerged about the gruesome crash on Staten Island that left one dead and several brutally injured. Brian Pittsley, the 25-year-old driver of the SUV that sped through a stop sign, causing the tragedy, claims that it was his car's fault.

Joseph Licitra, Pittsley's attorney told The Daily News, "His brother told him a car was following him. He looked behind him and turned back, saw the stop sign, hit the brakes, but the brakes failed." Pittsley simply said, "I'm sorry. It was an accident." Pittsley is feeling regret now, but Mary Rose Vega, the mother of the teen who was killed in the accident, said she's not buying his excuse. She said that she talked to some of the survivors of the crash and they were trying to get Pittsley to slow down by yelling, "You're going to kill us!" Pittsley allegedly replied, "I got this." Pittsley also ran from the accident after it happened.

Kayla Madden, a passenger who had to have part of her right arm amputated, backs this story up as well. She was reunited at a hospital with Robert Friscia, the retired NYPD detective who saved her life by applying bandaging that slowed the bleeding, and she told him, "One girl I didn't really know too well called her dad crying and panicking because he wouldn't stop the car. We were all scared." Frisca said that Madden was doing well, and added "When I walked in there [the hospital room], her parents just saw me and burst out in tears."

Pittsley, who has several prior arrests, is currently being held without bail on charges of criminally negligent homicide and leaving the scene of an accident.