A driver was arrested after he allegedly fatally struck one woman, and injured at least nine others in Brooklyn on Thanksgiving evening.

Police say that Michael McBean, 24, was driving his white Mercedes-Benz on Pennsylvania Ave. in East New York around 7:15 p.m. last night when he struck a driver in a Nissan Murano that was stopped at a stop light. McBean then allegedly tried to flee in his car, and struck Yvette Molina, 56, who was getting into her vehicle at the time. Molina was taken to Brookdale Hospital, where she was declared dead.

After hitting her, McBean hit at least three other cars as he tried to leave the scene. "We heard the loud crash sound and then we went running to see what happened," witness Tianna Humphrey told the Daily News. "And then next thing you know you see all the cars. There's like four cars all crashed into each other and the lady was on the ground."

McBean then fled on foot, and witnesses say he attempted to carjack several people. "He was just trying to run on the other side [of the street] to try and open people's car doors as they're driving...like it was Grand Theft Auto," Humphrey added. "It was just so crazy."

He was even hit by a car himself as he careened through traffic: "He was running in the traffic like he was trying to literally get himself killed," Kyra Schuler told CBS. "He got hit by car and he went down, got up went back into traffic and tried to get hit again."

Cops say that at least eight people were injured altogether. They were taken to Kings County Hospital with minor injuries.

McBean has been charged with attempted robbery, leaving the scene of an accident which resulted in a death, obstruction of governmental administration, and disorderly conduct.