2008_08_judgsting.jpgPolice do not think acting Supreme Court Justice Fernando Camacho's house was the real target in Tuesday's drive-by shooting in Queens. Instead, police suspect shooters thought Camacho's neighbor Dennis Asche lived in the house. Asche argued with someone else last week, and the Daily News says "Camacho intervened in the dispute on Asche's behalf"; on Tuesday, Asche couldn't find a parking space and left his car outside Camacho's. Camacho's career as a former prosecutor is recalled in the NY Times: When he became an ADA, he "was soon knee-deep in drug crews: gangs with names like the Jheri Curls, the Wild Cowboys, the Young Talented Children." Apparently the Jheri Curls were "known for their shaved temples and slick curled hair on top."