A nineteen year-old intern for Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell 4th (Harlem; pictured, left) says he gave her a few glasses of scotch while in his motel room near Albany. The intern's boyfriend urged her to tell police, who haven't investigated yet. The Daily News says that if Powell were arrested, " the likely count would be unlawfully dealing with a minor." Now, Gothamist can understand giving an underage person a glass of wine or champagne at a celebration (with lots of people around), but in this post-Clinton-and-Condit world, a politician giving his underage female intern drinks in a motel room - that's just bad idea jeans. Especially when Daily News headlines read, "Pol gave me booze."

In other sex-and-politics news, The Times talks with City Coucil Speaker Gifford Miller about the sex harrassment charges against Councilman Alan W. Jennings Jr.: "I certainly wish I'd launched the investigation sooner."