2005_09_subwayseat.jpgProbably one of the best "source" quotes ever in today's Daily News story about how the MTA will nix a ban on drinking beverages (non-alcoholic ones, natch) on the subway because "It ain't worth the fight." No, it ain't! This comes after straphangers were outraged to learn they couldn't drink their tall half-caf mocha lattes or even bottles of water (Gothamist included). But the Daily News says the MTA will pass the rule that ban walking between subway cars. Before you say that is the biggest load of crap you've ever heard, the MTA sources claim that there will be "common sense enforcement," which means that people who are trying to get away from, oh, let's say, dudes who are sharing a little bit too much, won't be fined $75. Meh. This is still kind of crazy, but the MTA won't stop at trying to indemnify themselves from "incidents."

Photography by VincenzoF, via Flickr; join the NYC Subway Flickr Pool