ruby2.jpg If Gothamist Weather were in LA today we'd have an easy forecast: foggy in the morning followed by a sunny afternoon. Highs in the 70s near the coast and in the 80s inland.

But, no, Gothamist Weather is in New York and in New York we have a mess of a forecast on our hands. You want hot and humid? We got hot and humid. You want thunderstorms? We got thunderstorms. Gusty winds? Got them too. More? Look out for hail and locally heavy rains this afternoon.

But let's not stop with this afternoon. When it rains it pours. Literally. You want locally heavy rains tonight? You got it. Tomorrow? Ruby Raindrop says Yes. Tomorrow night? Affirmative.

After all that rain it will be clear and dry on Friday, right? Ha! Gothamist Weather mocks your innocent hopes and naïve assumptions. The remnants of tropical storms Bonnie and Charlie will be upon us and the slow moving cold front we mentioned yesterday is predicted to back up after it passes us. More showers and thunderstorms are likely on Friday. And on Saturday. And on Sunday. And on Monday. Yuck.