This has Law & Order: Embezzlement Task Force written all over it: A couple from New Rochelle, along with a Bronx woman, were indicted for $667,722 in embezzlement from Manhattan publishing company, Thomas Publishing. And what's more, the three were involved in a love triangle. The motivation for thefts are unclear, but this is how it worked: Michelle Daniels worked in accounts payable at Thomas and created fake checks to actual vendors. She gave the checks to her husband, Kenneth Daniels, who then took the checks to deposit at a Chase bank. And his teller? Loretta Wright, his mistress of 23 years! Which makes us wonder if wife Michelle knew about the mistress. Three interesting factoids:
- The Post points out is that Kenneth Daniels, an employee with the city's DEP, would wear an old FDNY uniform to deposit the checks, prompting DA Robert Morgenthau to say, "Apparently, he thought the Fire Department uniform is more impressive." And not only that, Wright still thought he worked for FDNY, though he hadn't for 15 years.
- Thomas Publishing discovered the missing money when they conducted an audit last year - Michelle would use her payroll login, as well as the logins for two employees under her, to create fake invoices.
- Wright would give Kenneth Daniels cash in $100 bills and quarters. $667,722 in hundreds and quarters!

You can read the Manhattan DA's press release here.